The Best Noodles In Denver

A few words about us

Sisters Lindsay Prime and Chemae Prime Stevens founded Taste of Denver Food Tours. Originally from Oregon, Lindsay is a University of Denver undergraduate and received her MBA from the University of Colorado Denver. After living in Denver 12 years she headed off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and founded Vallarta Food Tours in 2011. Her love of Denver brought her back to create and share the food tour experience here.

Chemae moved to Denver from Portland in 2014 and immediately was impressed with the weather—hello sunshine!, the friendly people,  the vibrancy of the city and its unique history and delicious food. A people person at heart, Chemae is excited to show our guests a Taste of Denver.

Our mission is to help visitors and residents alike enjoy the best that Denver has to offer by highlighting off-the-beaten-path, “non-touristy” food and drinks along with a local insight of its treasures.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our tour participants have a fantastic time and leave with a real confidence to continue their exploration of our beautiful Denver. We recommend taking our food tours at the start of your stay so you can take on the city armed with knowledge and insight of what makes Denver so beautiful, so vibrant and so special. We are proud to share our culinary discoveries with you. Let us take you on a 3-hour adventure, introduce you to the best of the best and help open up a bright and delicious new world just waiting to be explored!

Bon Apetit !