8 Out Of The Box Birthday Party Ideas In Denver

Looking for something fun to do for your next birthday in Denver? Birthday parties aren’t just for kids! Here are some out of the box birthday party ideas to choose from.

Birthday Party Ideas In Denver - Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Grab your friends and head out on a daytime or evening scavenger hunt. You can have a friend or loved one create the clues and final destination or you can use Urban Adventure Quest.

Birthday Party Ideas In Denver - Road Trip

Road Trip

There are so many fun things to see and do outside of Denver. Consider a day trip, road trip to Vegas or a weekend getaway with your best friends or other half.

Birthday Party Ideas In Denver - Karaoke


No singing skills required! In fact, half the fun is that non-singers brave the microphone in front of a crowd of strangers. Liquid courage or a cannabis-infused birthday cake can help to calm everyone’s nerves.

Birthday Party Ideas In Denver - Spa Day

Spa Day

If rest and relaxation is more your pace treat yourself to a spa day. There are plenty of spas to choose from in Denver but don’t count out heading to Glenwood Springs hot springs.

Birthday Party Ideas In Denver - Theme Party

Theme Party

If you will be hosting your birthday party at home, consider having a theme party. Christmas in July, tropical getaway, masquerade ball, Mardi Gras, movie-themed party, and more. Have fun with it!

Food Tourism Is On The Rise In Denver

Take A Tour

Take the pressure off having to host and entertain by taking a local tour. There are plenty to choose from: eat your way through the city on a LoDo food tour, get happy birthday high on a 420 tour, overindulge a bit on a handcrafted cocktail tour, or go on one of many walking tours, and more!

Birthday Party Ideas In Denver - Active Outing

Have An Active Outing

If you and your friends are fitness fanatics or adrenaline junkies have an active outing. This could include anything from hiking to skydiving, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, or a local color run, mud run, or obstacle course.

Birthday Party Ideas In Denver - Concert

Head To A Concert Or Show

If there’s a great show playing on or around your birthday, a touring concert or a great local band who will be playing—grab your friends and make a night of it.

These fun birthday party ideas have something for everyone. Don’t forget the cake and candles or be sure to add a dessert spot to your lists of things to do!