New Year's Resolutions For Denver Foodies

New Year’s Resolutions For Denver Foodies

As a foodie you value quality and innovation and are constantly on the lookout for new ways to tantalize your taste buds. Here is how to make the most of the foods you eat in 2019.

Master Something New

You must continue to evolve meaning that one of your top foodie resolutions must be to master something new. If you are a foodie and a home chef this might mean taking a cooking class or mastering a recipe like baked Alaska or boeuf bourguignon. If cooking is not your thing you could learn to brew your own beer or take a beginner wine tasting class at Denver’s International Wine and Spirits Guild.

New Year's Resolutions For Denver Foodies

Travel For Food

Food tourism is on the rise so plan at least one of you 2019 trips around a destination that has food so good it’s worth the trip. This might be a road trip to dine at the restaurant of a top local chef in a nearby city or state or an international destination for a whole new flavor of foods. While you’re at it be sure to see if the place you are visiting has a Culinary Tour highlighting the best chefs, artisans, and regional dishes.

Try Every New Denver Restaurant

There is no shortage of locally owned restaurants to choose from in Denver, but every good foodie knows to give the newbies a chance to impress. This includes food trucks, food halls, and new restaurant openings. This can also include trying new artisans and farmer’s market finds.

New Year's Resolutions For Denver Foodies

Plant A Garden

No worries if you don’t have a green thumb as a simple window box herb garden can add fresh flavor to your daily dishes. If you have the outdoor space and the time, create an outdoor garden with some of your favorite go-to items.

Elevate Your Kitchen Gadgets

One of the things I have always loved about America’s Test Kitchen is that they test out specialty kitchen gadgets that make cooking faster and easier. When it comes to new gadgets and appliances, focus on what means most to you. From bar essentials to new coffee brewing methods, to grilling, baking, frying and more!


New Year's Resolutions For Denver Foodies

Try Something New

In addition to trying new local restaurants try something completely new. This might mean learning how to do something like churn homemade ice cream or make noodles from scratch. This might also mean trying foods you’ve never considered like wild boar from our food tour partner Avelina or an international cuisine you have yet to try.

Here’s to another year of delicious food!