The Rise Of The Denver Food Hall-What Is A Food Hall

The Rise Of The Denver Food Hall

Food halls have been popping up in major cities all across the nation. While the first few in Denver have only been open a year or so, there a several more on the way for 2019. Here’s why they work and what you need to know.

What Is A Food Hall?

If you haven’t been to one yet you might not understand the concept. It’s a trend that started in the UK as the area of a department store that sold food. In other words, an upscale food court. What most food courts have in common is an open or semi-open seating area, and more than one restaurant or type of food to choose from. Speaking specifically of Denver Food Halls, the food is typically mid-range in price but high in innovation and quality.

The Rise Of The Denver Food Hall-Open Seating

Why Food Halls Work

Whether dining out with family, friends, or colleagues it can be tricky finding a spot that everyone wants to eat at—which means the more options the merrier. In an open hall everyone can dine together but eat what they want. While the overall vibe is informal the dining experience is anything but casual. It’s the perfect way to support local chefs and artisans on a daily lunch budget.

A Perfect Way To Sample Food

Since you have many options to choose from you are able to order and taste dishes from more than one restaurant. So, maybe you want your craft beer from one spot, lunch from another, and dessert from a third place. It’s the perfect way to eat as you aren’t limited to one menu.

Last but not least, food halls are social by nature so even if you are dining solo you are more likely to engage with others than when dining in a more traditional restaurant. The Milk Market is one of our favorite food halls, which you can explore on our Downtown Denver Culinary Tour!