5 Things You Can Only Do In Denver

Looking for something unique to do in Denver? There are a few things we do and in Denver that you can’t do or find anywhere else, so you must take advantage of them while you’re in town.

Things You Can Only Do In Denver - US Mint

Visit The US Mint

There are only four US mints in the United States only two of which offer tours to the public—including the Denver United States Mint. There are six free tour times each day. Kids 7 and older are welcome on all tours. The gift shop is also the perfect place for coin collectors and history buffs to purchase circulated and uncirculated coins.

Things You Can Only Do In Denver - Culinary Cannabis

Culinary Cannabis

As the first state to legalize marijuana we are leading the way in culinary cannabis. Think beyond pot brownies to desserts, drinks, and meals that are infused with cannabis for both the flavor profile and the high. Yes, there are other states with some cannabis on the menu, but nowhere does it like we do in Denver. Be sure to Uber to and from.

Things You Can Only Do In Denver - Cattle Drive

Live Cattle Drive Through The City Streets

That’s right there is a live Longhorn cattle drive during the National Western Stock Show Parade which is held each year in January. The parade and event have been running strong for 112 years and honor our roots as a cattle country. Not to worry as the cattle are herded and not running wild through the streets. There are also a full two weeks of events that are fun for the entire family. This includes rodeos, horse shows, livestock exhibits, authentic western art, kid’s activities, and more.

Things You Can Only Do In Denver - Rocky Mountain Oysters

Taste Rocky Mountain Oysters

Not for seafood lovers, and not for everyone—but these oysters were created right here in the Rocky Mountains. Ranchers were hungry one day and decided to give recently castrated bull testicles a try, and they loved them! Now found as either a novelty or a delicacy in the states and in Canada, traditional preparation is to peel and deep fry.

Things You Can Only Do In Denver - Mile High

Stand One Mile Above Sea Level

We really are a mountainous state, so much so that at our highest points in town we are precisely 5,280 feet above sea level—which is precisely one mile. If you aren’t used to the elevation you may find that you get winded faster, require twice the hydration than usual, and that you feel the effects of alcohol faster.

There is plenty more to do while in town, but these are some of the only things you can do in Denver.