What Makes Denver’s Food Scene So Unique-Blue Agave Seasonal Dish

What Makes Denver’s Food Scene So Unique?

Denver’s food scene is attracting attention from around the nation making food one of the top things to do when in Denver. In fact, food has become the primary motivating factor for many first-time visitors. Here’s why.

What Makes Denver’s Food Scene So Unique-True Farm-to-Table

Fruition Farms Fresh Harvest

True Farm-To-Table

Denver might be the largest city in Colorado but you don’t have to drive too far to find farmers who cater to the locals. This makes it easy for local chefs and restaurants to create their menus around farm-fresh seasonal ingredients. This is why many restaurants change their menu every 4 months or so. Fruition Farms is one such farm created specifically with restaurants in mind. They grow fresh produce and specialize in sheep milk cheese and dairy products—and are the only creamery in Colorado. Fruition Farms currently provides their products over 12 farm-to-table restaurants.

What Makes Denver’s Food Scene So Unique-Blue Agave Grill Denver

Blue Agave Grill Seasonal Dish

Chef Specials

Whether it’s food fusion, elevated comfort food, culinary marijuana, or authentic international food the chefs in Denver know that they have the freedom to innovate. This might sound a bit odd to state, but not every community likes to go too far off the local culinary status quo. Colorado is neither west coast or deep south and has diversity from around the world—so chefs pull from a wide-range of mouthwatering influences.

What Makes Denver’s Food Scene So Unique-Mercantile Dining and Provisions

Mercantile Dining and Provision

Local Is Better

Whether speaking of restaurants or retailers, Denverites support our locals. Yes, we have our fair share of chain spots to dine and shop but we are a community who champions innovation and entrepreneurship. From our chefs to artists, furniture makers, craft breweries, and artisans of every kind we shop local first. This gives visitors a nice mix of one-of-a-kind options to choose from. Each of our neighborhoods has a unique vibe and an excellent list of places to choose from.

What Makes Denver’s Food Scene So Unique-We Love Food

We Love To Eat!

Last but not least, we are a city who loves to eat! Deciding where to have dinner, date night, or to host our next office outing or birthday bash is something we put thought in to. While we each have our favorite spots we see dining out as an activity and are always in search of something new. This is one of the many reasons why a growing number of our food tour guest are locals—both foodies and anyone looking for something fun to do. Book with one or two friends or family members, or schedule a private tour with your colleagues or loved ones.

If you are in Denver don’t leave your dining choices to chance and really put some thought into which chefs and restaurants to try!