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Will Travel For Food—Would You? The Rise Of Food Tourism

Food has always been part of the cultural draw to traveling internationally, but with the popularity of Food Network and the rise in cooking reality TV shows—food tourism has become a popular nationwide reason to travel. We are excited to be part of this growing trend. Love Exploring just released the master list of The 50 Best Food Tours In The Nation. We couldn’t be more excited that Taste of Denver Food Tours made the list!

Best Beer In Denver

Regional Flare

There are some things that simply can’t be duplicated. Maine lobster doesn’t taste the same in California, even if you send it overnight express. Chicago-style pizza might be served in Oklahoma, but it’s just not the same. You might love your local Philly cheesesteak sandwich but to really experience the cheesy deliciousness you must hop on a plane and head to downtown Philly. And can you even find beignets outside of New Orleans? Craft beer is one of the many things worth traveling to Colorado for!

The Best Noodles In Denver

Chef Specialty

Chefs and bakers are artists who take everyday ingredients and transform them into mouthwatering and travel-worthy concoctions. Some chefs are so popular that they have become local or nationwide household names, with multiple restaurants and waiting lists many months out. For many, it’s worth the wait and worth making a trip to their restaurant a vacation destination or weekend getaway.

Food Tourism Denver - Hometown Foodie

The Hometown Foodie

There is also a growing rise in hometown foodies. This includes the self-taught chefs, bakers, and artisans. Many everyday foodies have become food bloggers, who review restaurants, share recipes, and travel the world in search of fabulous foodie finds. They may even be the food truck operators or at the booths in your farmer’s markets.

Food Tourism Is On The Rise In Denver

Food Tours And Pub Crawls

Food tours and pub crawls allow you to eat and drink your way through the best restaurants and bars in any major town you travel to tasting the best dishes each hot spot has to offer. What could be better? But you don’t have to be a tourist to partake! Check out the local food tour companies and seasonal culinary events—such as each city’s annual “Taste Of”.

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